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  1. The Big Nowhere & Hank Wangford..

    April 22, 2014 Si


    The Big Nowhere will be sharing the stage at the O2ABC2 in Glasgow on the 15th of May with UK country legend Hank Wangford. As a child, I sat every Sunday morning with my Papa and his dog Duke, radio on, listening to the country music show, and Hank was always, always on. Songs like ‘Never Wear Mascara When You Love A Married Man’ and ‘I ain’t Married (But The Wife Is)’ were major influences on The Big Nowhere, with their darkly twisted, but romantic and tongue-in-cheek style.

    Here’s Hank covering his friend Gram Parsons’ ‘Sin City’ live with Billy Bragg :

    Hank’s band has a link (tenuous, but still..) to The Big Nowhere. Pedal steel genius BJ Cole played on Devon Sproule‘s album ‘Don’t Hurry For Heaven’, and continues to play with Devon and husband Paul Curreri live and on record. Devon and Paul were contributors to the artwork for our 2013 album ‘Don’t Burn The Fortune‘.

    You can get tickets for this show from us at a heavy discount as usual, just hit me up on Twitter – @BigNowhereSimon



  2. Couch By Couchwest 2014 – NEW VIDEOS!!

    March 22, 2014 Si


    So we forgot to post the videos we did for this year’s Couch By Couchwest here on our own site. Idiots.

    We were cutting it a little fine this year, getting our videos in just minutes before the submission deadline, and we didn’t know what we were going to do. We’re in the middle of recording our third album, so we could have done soemthing from that, but we wanted to do something completely fresh. We ended up doing ‘Hank’, a song we’d just finished that week, and so had never even played it together before (note: I am reading the lyrics from a piece of paper in the video), and a quickly cobbled together cover version of Warren Zevon‘s ‘Werewolves of London’ that is.. a little different from the original. Have a listen.

    There’s also a little blurb from us and the CXCW guys on their site here.

    Oh, and this year, Couch By Couchwest blew the roof of the place when Roseanne Cash did a video performance exclusively for the online festival, which you can see here.



  3. It’s Simon’s birthday, so how about you join us for a last-minute show..?

    February 13, 2014 Si


    It’s Simon’s birthday weekend, so The Big Nowhere are celebrating that fact he hasn’t managed to get himself killed so far by doing a last-minute show where we’ll play some old classics as well as preview some tracks from our upcoming third album. It’s at The Vale, Glasgow on Saturday 22nd of February. £5 on the door, and we’ll be joined by compadres The Flaming Armadillos and Les Rusty Scruffs.

    It’ll be hot, it’ll be sweaty, it’ll be utter chaos – be there!

  4. Spotify Is Free.. So Here’s The Big Nowhere..

    December 23, 2013 Si


    Music streaming service Spotify is now free for all on mobiles, tablets and computers – you don’t even need to have the app installed, just go to and stream away through your browser.

    If you use the adblock extension in your browser, you might need to left click on the adblock icon and select ‘Don’t run on pages in this domain’, move the slider to the left so it reads,com* and hit the ‘exclude’ button if the players don’t appear.

    Both of The Big Nowhere’s albums are available through the service, so here they are :

    Pull Down The Moon :

    Don’t Burn The Fortune :


  5. Don’t Burn The Fortune Review..

    November 4, 2013 Si

    Don't Burn The Fortune

    Every so often you come across something that’s been written about your music that makes your heart beat a little faster. Something that puts a stupid grin on your face, that revitalises your belief in what you do. Something that lets you know that there’s someone out there who, for lack of a more elegant phrase gets it.

    This morning, music site Louder Than War posted a review of our album ‘Don’t Burn The Fortune‘ which will have that stupid grin stuck to my face for days.

    Have a read. Then go and listen to your copy and hear it with fresh ears. Or if you don’t have one, go and get it. There’s still a few copies of the CD version mentioned in the review left at our bandcamp. You’ll even get a download to listen to while you wait for it to arrive. Here’s a post right here on this site previewing the artwork mentioned in the review.

    I’m off to listen to it now.

    Thanks guys.

    Louder Than War | Don’t Burn The Fortune by The Big Nowhere – Review

    The Big Nowhere – Don’t Burn The Fortune |


  6. All The News That’s Fit To Print..



    We’ve had a few problems lately getting posts up to update on all the goings-on with The Big Nowhere recently, but if you’re reading this then that’s all been sorted – so here’s everything that’s been happening!

    The band released their third EP ‘On The Waterfront’ through Bandcamp. Six new songs, and all for the low, low price of absolutely free. The tracks are outtakes, alternate versions or previously unfinished songs from various sessions. If you wish to throw a little cash our way when you download them, then we very much appreciate it. if you don’t, then that’s cool too. Click the link below to go to our bandcamp page here you can even listen to the whole thing before you download.

    The Big Nowhere – On The Waterfront |

    US music site Now This Sound Is Brave asked Simon to write a few words for their on-going series ‘A Good Read..‘, where they ask their favourite artists to write about a book, album and drink that’s special to them. Typically, Simon had a lot to say. Nick Kent’s ‘The Dark Stuff’ and Solomon Burke’s ‘Don’t Give Up On Me’ were his chosen book and album – grab a drink and click the link to have a read.

    Now This Sound Is Brave : A Good Read – Simon Sinclair of The Big Nowhere

    The Big Nowhere took part in this year’s No Mean City americana festival once again, this time as part of an all-dayer headlined by former BMX Bandits leader Duglas T Stewart at Glasgow’s O2 ABC. The band showcased material from their up-coming third album, as well as the tracks from second album ‘Don’t Burn The Fortune’, which was released earlier this year. Peggy Sue, The Levee Strollers, Jim Dead and The Shiverin’ Sheiks were also highlights of the day. AmericanaUK reviewed the show, with a nice write-up of The Big Nowhere’s performance.

    AmericanaUK review of For The Sake Of The Song – No Mean City 2013

    Simon had the chance to share a stage with one of his idols, as he reformed semi-mythical hardcore funk outfit Brown Eye Superfly for one night only to team with funk/jazz/soul legend Lonnie Liston Smith and his band The New Cosmic Echoes at the O2ABC2. The incredible Brassjaw opened the show with some quite frankly jaw-dropping horn work that no-one who was in attendance will ever forget. The review linked to below doesn’t mention the two support acts, but then, it doesn’t mention Smith much either.

    Herald Scotland review – Lonnie Liston Smith, Glasgow 2013

    Documentary film ‘Jaywick Escapes‘ won an award at the Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival. The soundtrack to the film includes the song ‘Jaywick Fayre’ by Roads To Siam, of which our own Terry Nelson is a member. The film follows the lives of three newcomers to the village of Jaywick in the south of England, built in the 1930′s as a cheap holiday destination for Londoners. The village was branded this year as the most deprived area in England. Visit the website for the film, and watch the trailer.

    Jaywick Escapes Official Site

    ..and that’s the highlights! We’re currently working on our third album, with lots more in the works. We haven’t forgotten you. Honestly. We love you.

  7. On The Waterfront..

    August 24, 2013 Si

    On The Waterfront

    Friday 30th of August sees The Big Nowhere’s second release of the year – ‘On The Waterfront’, a six-track EP of previously unheard material.

    The EP will be completely FREE to download from The Big Nowhere’s Bandcamp page. If you feel like throwing a couple of pounds our way, then we thank you – just put an amount in the box. However, if you put a zero in there, that’s absolutely fine too. We’ll leave it entirely up to you.

    The Big Nowhere – On The Waterfront

    1. Somebody’s Back In Town

    2. Dancing at the Country Queen (alternate acoustic mix)

    3. Oh My God (I Wish You were Mine) [demo]

    4. Time To Let Her Go

    5. Bunker Hill Quarryman’s Blues

    6. You’re Not Alone

    Tracks 1, 4, 5 & 6 were recorded during the sessions for The Big Nowhere’s second album ‘Don’t Burn The Fortune’
    Track 2 is an alternate mix of the song released on ‘Don’t Burn The Fortune’, with different instrumentation
    Track 3 is an acoustic guitar and vocal demo of an as-yet unrecorded and unreleased song
    all songs written by Billy Crowe & Simon Sinclair